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Daily delivery to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico


Automated Linen Process for New Mexico
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Automated Linen Services for Albuquerque New Mexico
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Albuquerque Sustainable Laundry Bluewater Energy Conservation

State Of The Art Tunnel Washing Technology - reduces water use by 75%

Automated Rail System To Transport Hotel Linens Around The 27,000 sq ft Laundry Service Facility

Automated Sling And Conveyor Systems Provide Maximum Laundry Efficiency

Fully Automated E-tech Sorting Deck Sorts 30,000 Lbs Of Laundry Per Day

Bluewater Softener By Kibler Provides Soft Hotel Linens With Less Chemicals and Energy.

Automated Rail System To Transport And Store Hotel Linens During The Bluewater Linen Wash Process

Linenmaster Integrated Laundry Ordering System Assures Accurate Invoicing, Cart Tracking, Etc. All Hotel Linen Carts Are Weighed, Counted, and Billed According To Actual Clean Delivered Laundry Pounds.

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Santa Fe Lodgers Association


Hurst Boiler Energy And Fuel Reduced By 50% With Our In-House Heat Exchange System By T.E.A.

Bluewater Linen uses a detergent containing citrus terpenes extracted from orange peels for all hotel linens. All our wash chemicals are environmentally friendly and free from dyes, perfumes, NPE’s, and phosphates.  All of our linens are finished at the ideal pH for human contact, between 6.5-7.0 and we use only silicon based fabric softener which is gentle and safe even on the most sensitive skin.  We Care About New Mexico Resources, Culture, And The Hospitality Industry

Bluewater Linen Ironers Use Thermal Technology The Most Efficient Way To Dry, Press, And Present A Smooth And Soft Linen Finesh For Your Hotel Guest